Special Lersi Hermit’s Medicine Offering!!!

We have calculated the precise amounts for supporting the mission of sponsoring our devoted fellow disciples retreat and he has passed these empowered items from his and our teacher, with some special personal items. We will also include free gifts with these items as well. This is the last of these offerings for this retreat, and we will not see this hermit for many years. As we prepare and do our outer dharma work, we fulfill our karmic promises and debts in incessant Work. So much time wasted on the senses, on anger, on luxury and vanity. So much energy and precious time lost when it could have been put to the Great Work. We prepare to offset these karmic traces and replace the fate and destiny of this incarnation with the manifested creation of the Adept. We must rededicate ourselves constantly to the healing mission, of sustainably and ethically harvesting the best herbs, of supporting the masters, the artisans, the farmers and wildcrafters who live from these funds. We must fast and do the ascetic work to give deeper inputs to the spiritual work. We have been in a deep fast, fighting through so much deep toxins, emotional pain, trauma embedded deep in the muscles, in the tissue and blood so deep it is encoded in the very codes of life and DNA. We shatter this through ritual, through devotion, through herbalism and alchemical medicines to saturate the inner world with the divine correspondences. We time the rites, we prime the mind, we set the tones, we say the words, we engage all the senses in absolute fixation into the singularity of the divinity. We trace the guru back to the original form. We use the avatars to overcome the obstacles and learn the soma. We guide back through the sacred postures that activate the currents and stabilize the prana. With spine straight, out of the muck of the blood, excrement and puss, the lotus is born, the snake becomes renewed, and the channels open. We invite those seeking to rip the veil apart and obtain liberation by any means possible to inquire to join our alchemical research groups, which are inner and outer in publications. They are self-initiatory in nature, structured on the invisible colleges of the original mystery schools. We thank you for your support. And we have more special offerings to boost our move to create a true alchemical temple coming soon. Special offerings from guild members Vegetalista Botanicals, from Phaos Botanicals and other select botanical packages to aid us in creating a unique sacred site and living laboratory. We have also invested a portion of the special offerings for our brother to collect as many jewel pills, nectar pills and chulen from high adepts from around Tibet and Nepal, India etc. for a massive support to the Dharma and rare offerings and free gifts for all those who continue to support us. We believe in the reciprocity of value for value and in symbiotic relationships of mutual benefit. This is the foundation of our guild and partners, and each one is independent and strong and working towards Mastery. We stand in direct opposition and antithesis to either forced coercion or parasitic predation in our model of sustainable spiritual economics. Our training is multilevel and faceted from the survivalist arts necessary for true hermit retreats, to the skillful means, laboratory arts, pottery, glass blowing, martial arts and permacultural systems for designing progressive integrated kin domains and alchemical temples/ashrams.