MuDang (Korean: “mother power/sovereign”) Bamboo Charcoal & Ginseng Acne Black Soap is a specialized herbal skin care formula. For oily skin and sweaty skin this soap is a cleansing, refreshing and pore-tightening aid. Activated Bamboo Charcoal promotes detoxification with High Mountain Korean Ginseng root powder for skin renewal and circulation. A handmade glycerin goat milk base for promoting moisture to the skin to prevent any over-drying. A therapeutic herbal soap alternative to medicated acne products, and made with only pure ingredients. The deodorizing properties of the bamboo charcoal also make this soap a great hand soap for washing off unwanted lingering smells on the skin. Each bar is approximately 5oz. net weight. Keep out of sitting water between uses and this bar will last you many washes.

What is unique about Forest Sisters artisan herbalist soaps? We support as many individuals as possible in their creation. From the farmers and cooperatives who grow, harvest and prepare the ingredients, to the certifiers and importers who bring the ingredients to the states, to our women traditional soap mavens who expertly saponify the vegetal oils, to our herbalist chemists who infuse just the right amount of herbal ingredients to these all-natural soaps, each super small batch unique with its own story and qualities, all naturally extraordinary for even the most sensitive skin.