Now in 5oz bars! This is the premiere blend of organic, nourishing herbs for the scalp, an ancient recipe of 12 herbs that give the hair thick, rich color, and fixing dried, lifeless hair (most suitable for dry hair types) and giving it a beautiful natural treatment of color and shine. Used traditionally as a paste that is let to set on the hair for hours, we have updated this into a shampoo bar that will nourish and revitalize hair as it cleans. Lather up your hair first down to the roots and work deep into the scalp in circular motion. Let sit as long as you can or rinse when ready, it will gradually darken hair and give a beautiful clean and shine. This has henna and other herbs used for natural dye so there will be some colorization so be aware. This is the secret to the beautiful hair of the women of India, rich color and shine with healthy bounce and lustrous texture. This a blend of the Ayurvedic herbs of Brahmi, Shikaskai, Bahera, Bhrigraj, Jatamansi, Amla, Neem, Harad, Hibiscus, Henna, Rathanjot, rose, and secret herbal essence for beautiful hair and lustrous splendor from a land of women with beautiful silky hair. This is their secret! All natural vegetable derived glycerin and coconut milk blended in saponified coconut oil. A non-standardized, handcrafted shampoo bar with natural color variation from batch to batch.