From our partners in our herbalist guild, Asatru Apothecary, we have another favorite adaptogen herb that many find balances mood, energy, libido, as well as aiding in recovery, stress, anxiety, quality of sleep etc. Rhodiola is the essential secret of heavy duty training and all around stress relief, a sure-fire addition to your work out arsenal and overcoming the negative feedback loops in the mind that dissipate your energy and momentum. Everyone has to find their right dosage and use for their health goals. We find it beneficial for boosting energy, endurance, stamina as well as aiding mood, memory, focus and recall. It is a nootropic herb that is fresh and high in rosavins and salidrosides, widely researched for their use in combating the effects of psychological and physical stress, mood and anxiety as well as fatigue and oxidative stress that causes inflammation. Pristine harvested Siberian Golden Root from Asatru Apothecary is the best, as one can see on their stellar feedback on their etsy shop. It is a deep partnership to source the best herbs from on the ground, serious herbalists with decades of research and devotion to sustainable harvesting, ancient and innovative therapies that give results. Our goals are to build up those around us in strength, health and wisdom and your purchases aid our vast network of suppliers in creating true centers for revitalization and sustaining the old ways.