2 0z of an artisan micro-batch, limited run, Daoist super elixir of high mountain cordyceps from our Master Teacher for a special offering for obtaining specialized traditional lab equipment. From the freshest wild high mountain cordyceps, we bring our small batch run of this famous elixir. The energy and immune boosting effects of this rather peculiar fungus have been a close secret of Daoist masters for thousands of years, but became known in the West when Chinese athletes used them to excel in unprecedented levels in their Olympic sport. This is pure Mao Shan cordyceps, arriving with our fresh batch of purple mushrooms, reishi, and other new herbs and teas. This was only used by the emperors in ancient China or the hermit masters who had retreated to mountains to cultivate longevity. The traditional uses have been studied and validated, with the general tonic uses the lungs, blood and kidneys, increasing sperm production, anti-depressant, cough, excessive tiredness, anemia, impotence and to reinforce Qi.The clinical trials have shown aiding various conditions such as arrhthymia, asthma, atherosclerosis, adrenal and auto-immune imbalances, asthma, sexual vitality and chronic fatigue. We make these on small micro-batch, with a special Daoist technique of fermentation that preserves the active components of the Cordyceps, which degrades rapidly in most cases. We use an ancient herbal wine and distillation method to preserve this active compound, and its exhilarating energetic essence pulsates through the body. We use the traditional equipment, using the most fresh and precious wild specimens present by one of our master teachers. This is a pure and concentrated essence, the purest and finest and one of our most excellent qi tonics.

We calcinate the remaining sediment from the extractions, giving the most beautiful mineral plant “salt” that is nutrient dense with mono-atomic and trace elements. we slowly sublimate this extract, which concentrates as it drips upon the plant salts in reflux. A most precious labor of love. Extremely limited supply and the ultimate pre-spring tonic. We know this could be sold for up to five times or more per bottle, but we want to share this gift and use it to raise funds for special equipment in our expanding production. We have used the recent orders to invest in the most beautiful traditional handblown glass for even more exciting products. We have been working on researching with various old teachers in new projects, expanding our view of the ever evolving challenges we face in this modern world of perfect storms against our health. Pollution, stress, lifestyle, gmo-foods. The best medicine is the tonic herbs to interrupt the cellular signals that create mutations that lead to the worst diseases. We love to support the artisans who produce our glassware, who wildcraft our herbs, and our teacher and we thank you for supporting our vast network of suppliers.

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