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Stone oil – healing juice rocks
white shilajit mumijo brakshun altai stone oil white shilajit

Is a unique biochemical composition of natural mineral product stone oil for over 4,000 years is widely used in folk medicine, Mongolia, China and Burma, as well as long and traditionally very popular among the Russian population living on the territory of Eastern Siberia. In Chinese mythology, endowed with miraculous healing and rejuvenating power of oil stone was considered “food of the immortal men.” Appreciate its weight in gold, and stored in expensive bottles stone oil in China were allowed to eat only members of the imperial family, and those who do not, as a relative of the Chinese emperor, dared to try this most valuable medicine mercilessly sentenced to death. Stone oil is a potassium alum, containing in its composition magnesium sulfate and water-soluble salts formed as a result of leaching of rock, which occurs at the surface of the stone oil formation.

In nature, stone oil is found in the highlands – in caves, caves or crevices in the form of amorphous sag, colors which vary depending on the content of the stone zinc oil (in the build-up of hard oil often combined shades of white, gray, red, yellow and brown colors). Purified from foreign inclusions (rubble limestone and other rocks) high quality stone oil, as a rule, it is a fine powder of white-yellow or beige color with a sweet and astringent taste. Mineral oil stone readily soluble in water and poorly soluble in alcohol, ether or glycerol.

It is worth noting that the stone oil is often confused with the mummy hence the name mumio. But in reality, the mummy and oil stone – is a completely different composition of natural substances (as opposed to organic-mineral mummy stone oil is a mineral product that does not contain any organic impurities). The similarities between the mummy and stone oil is perhaps only in the fact that the deposits of these products are mainly concentrated in remote mountainous areas and that both of these natural balm possess adaptogenic properties and a very wide range of therapeutic and preventive action.

The composition of stone oil

The composition of the oil present around the stone 49 necessary for human body macro- and microelements (including – sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, silicon, chromium, selenium, iodine, cobalt, nickel). Moreover, the mineral composition of the stone oil largely depends on the age of the unique nature of the substance and its field of geological features.

Potassium, a high concentration differs stone oil, plays an important role in the regulation of water-salt metabolism and acid-base balance of blood, has a beneficial effect on the functional state of the heart, promotes normalization of blood pressure in hypertensive disease (providing diuretic effect, it helps to eliminate from the human body excess sodium).

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