This is our special mycorrhizae blend we use in our cherished medicinal and food herbs and plants. It is a proven powerhouse additive for soil for increasing uptake of nutrients and water, giving more yields of better quality and potency. Used with other proper techniques and nutrients, it will increase yields and potency of herbs, flowers and nutrient density in food as well as resistance to shock and disease from transplant.

This is a new project, one of many, geared towards ethical, sustainable stewardship of the land. We work to produce quality, nutrient dense foods and powerful, artisan level herbal products. A key source to this is soil health and Othala Farms is one of the best small groups of revolutionary alchemists working to apply their understanding of nature to produce elite level yields in both size and quality. This is great for the small gardener as a little goes a long way. Contact for bulk supplies and discounts. We are working with a seed bank and a new related group that is producing powerful medicines, Phaos Botanicals. Contact for any information on exciting soil health, permaculture projects and designs as well as in superior grade herbal medicines.