Central to all energy work, spiritual alchemy, healing and tonic regimens are the nadis (sanskrit), or the subtle invisible channels that permeate the physical and subtle body. These energetic rivers in the body, called rtsa in Tibetan, have psycho-spiritual knots in them that energetic alchemical medicines can untie and transmute into spiritual healing energy. As such we have been working for years with Tibetan monks and siddha doctors to find the herbal and alchemical preparations that open and close these channels for optimal experience of the meditation and medicines. The Tibetans use combination of precious substances, the main ingredient being Tibetan prickly ash grains but other subtle ingredients deftly prepared to open the channels. These are taken before meditation and the night before jewel pills or prior to ingesting chulen or other alchemical substances. To close the channels, again the yogi lamas prescribe an alchemically prepared infusion of purest saffron petals. As saffron is so costly and faked and adulterated, we have sourced the best directly from Tibetan doctors and we offer the combination of the two elixirs as a set. The Tibetan prickly ash elixir and the saffron petal elixir come each in 1oz. amber glass dropper bottle. Will last about 2 months time because it is highly concentrated, only a drop or two of each depending on body size and intentions for meditation or ingesting other tonic substances. As with all our esoteric offerings from Tibet there may be a slight delay in shipping but all orders are shipped from the USA.*

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rtsa nadi energetic channel elixir set