As herbalists, we strive to keep aware of the constant issues that we face ourselves, as well as our families, clients and customers. One of the most overwhelming issues that is always a factor is: stress. The rapid changes, the increasing connectivity links us in a way that over stimulates and overwhelms the system, which has evolved for thousands of years to adapt and survive threats. But we used to have a narrative of beliefs and familiy in many instances that buffered the onslaught on consciousness that manifests in depression, fear, anxiety or stress. We endeavor to teach a true noetic medicine, an understanding that cellular functions are based on signals with the implactions that the mind, or consciousness, is the ultimate source in the body for health. This is the basic psychology behind all of the ancient rituals and skillful means to relax and soothe the senses or to focus them on archetype symbols of perfection or healing. The catalysts of herbs and therapies can became part of reclaiming dynamic radiant health. We must assert a rulership on our inner world, like a benevolent and wise, enlightened king or queen. This becomes a true inner practice of slowing time, releasing tensions and burdens and creating the positive feedback loops to health. The herbal allies for this are well researched adaptogens and tonic herbs from the Siddha and Ayurvedic traditions who are true masters at calming the mind and body. To assist those in taking the steps to regaining that inner peace and calm we have been working with our Guru at the Siddha medicine clinics. One of the chief issues is the busy people are so stressed and rushed they do not have time for teas and smoothies even or complicated procedures. Therefore we have work to create a master formula of herbs in capsules for ease of use. It is a three part protocol consisting of two capsules and a gel cap, of top grade organic herbal extracts of Siddha and Ayurvedic herbs. These are the classical herbs for stress and anxiety, memory and focus which include shakpushpi, ashwagandha, brahmi, manduparni and jatamansi. We have the full spectrum whole plant extracts in a liquid capsules, and the powdered extracts in two capsules. Instructions included on packaging. This is a made fresh to order item it can take extra time to ship if ordering a few months supply for maximum potency of liquid extracts.