Special Offering! Limited Quantities. Large 100g bag.
Supreme Grade Tibetan Medicine Buddha Incense 54 wild, high mountain Tibetan herbs from the High Lamas and Rinpoche. The highest grade and relaxing, healing incense that infuses the air with the numinous presence of the Dharma. This is the empowerment through the senses, a transmission of the sacred energies directly into the Mind from these sacred healing herbs. We provide free charcoals.

The Tradition that fed these streams of lineages and cultic centers of the Primordial Way have many common features that emerge consistently no matter what the culture. Our focus is always the alchemical, therapeutic, ethnobotanical, metallurgical and astro-theological aspects that are the same across the ancient world. The role of incense in the Tantric rites, the alchemical operations, the theurgic rituals is well documented and reveals a sophisticated technology of herbalism to enrapture and aid the senses into ecstatic healing states. This is the essence of the healing cults of the Gods and Buddhas in the elemental magic of combustion of earth herbs, whose aromas are prayers to the heavens and penetrating deep into the inner temple. It is an act uniting the worlds, the micro and macrocosmic space that is the domain of the Mind. It is the Observer’s role that co-creates reality in this open ended system of probabilities. The catalysts of meditation, ritual, the true correspondences and herbs link the thoughts, actions and deeds in the Golden Chain of alchemical sympathy.

Those seeking the transformative experiences, the true healing bliss, must raise the inner by any means in this red dust world. The inner temple must be protected and honored, sanctified and purified in the aromatic fumes of the Dharma herbs. The seeds of the past empowerments have sprouted within the Soul, the true rememberance of the Original Mind and re-asserts the clarity. The saintly path of the servants and doctors of the heart rebuild the living tradition amongst the ruins. Setting the temple in order, the sacred space rebuilt from the rubble, the toxins distilled, the alters once again infused with the scent of the holy woods, roots and herbs. The time to commit to the true healing path is now. This means to truly heal and facilitate the healing in our lives, the healing of body, of families, of land and forests. This requires the pragmatic techniques, the skillful means and the resources as well as the martial arts and strategy to protect and sustainably operate. This is a true ethical, fair trade use of resources and a commitment to purity and defending the Tradition and herbs in environmental and real world as well as the in the spiritual combat. Our goal is to distill the herbs and knowledge to those seeking relentlessly for true initiation and wisdom. We seek allies in this mission, those dedicated to the Great Work and Master Herbalists as Siddhas and Bodhisatvas in service to the suffering.

Made of the rarest herbs, fermented in the traditional methods of the Siddha Nagarjuna, with the essences and herbs of the monastery mountain herbs.