The shamanic sickness embarked us on an initiatory journey for herbal medicines, initiations and insights into the mysteries. Along the way we met many masters, herbalists, shamans with extraordinary wisdom. The best of human adepts can merely point you to the botanical teachers, and show you the ancestral ways to use them safely and with respect and honor. It is with great joy we have reunited with the some dear plant spirit companions through our old hermit herbalist friend who has emerged from long seclusion with the freshest, powerful sustainably harvested jungle medicinal herbal. So much became disturbed by shamanic tourism so our teachers withdrew to more remote areas. We hope to help them as part of our worldwide guild of Masters we support through fair trade for superior quality, artisan, products.

Fresh ground powder, we use this a lot in our practice and is ground fresh (low temp. with ceramic blades) every month and shipped ultra fresh.

Clavohuasca is an ancient plant teacher use, a favorite of the Shipibo and other tribes of the Amazon who have used it as a potent aphrodisiac for ages. It is a great revitalizing herb, used for erectile disorders and general sexual energy as well as indigestion, gas, inflammation, fever. It is also used as an aphrodisiac for women, and while not psychoactive is used as a dieta plant or plant teacher and for easing the effects of ayahuasca. It is good for women to be brewed and consumed three hours prior to romance for erotic effects.

As a powder its good to take 1-5 grams two times a day but do not exceed this dosage. It is not a case of more is better but finding proper dosage for lifestyle, body type, diet etc. as well as for intended use. For a tea one can take add powder to boiling water 1-2 teaspoons, steeping for ten or fifteen minutes, straining and drinking.

We make no medical claims and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.