Special Donations from Research Partners, Our Guru and Herbalist Teacher in Siddha and Ayurveda:

Our search for the healing medicines, techniques led us to unbelievable masters, artisans and craftsmen. When we gained their respect and trust after help or reciprocal relationships, we work for them or in exchange for sustainable mutually beneficial relationships. This is the key to enlightened behavior, non-parasitic, non-begging, value for value, worth for worth, where we exchange investments and gifts and purchases with even more gifts and special items. This is our nature and this is our Mission. Our decade long clients and friends and guild members attest to this beautiful, noble, ethical model which is from the Siddhas but is also the basis of all Traditional society. So in our mission to cover the expenses, the costs, the bureaucratic aspects of setting up a true living ashram and laboratory, those who we have worked for our lifetime donate such gifts to see us through the needs. We repay these debts in re-investing, setting up their venues and conduits for sustainable longterm strategies from as simple as publishing their works, or making their special creations and herbs available through our network. We visit temples and villages so remote, that any little investment from the spiritual community means exponential possibilities. The templates grow, the people regain their self worth, the worth in their culture, their resources, we can reach the critical mass in many local scales by remembering our sacred purpose. This is the work of the saints, the microcosmic re-creation of the sacred world within. We need the tools more than ever in the Kali yuga to combat the spell cast upon us by those that have us mesmerized with all the delusions, the pageantry, the vanity, the expressions of sickness and psychopathy. We must regain the techniques for the Mystery Traditions, the alchemical initiations, the creation of the inner elixir.

We are in the final days of our at times blissful, at times excruciating ritual fasting. We pause only to make medicines and write a few lines to those who support us and the Guru. The toxins that reside deep in the body and spirit are cleansed, the pure insight of the situation weighs heavy. The essence of the importance of life in pure Work, in the sacred labors of the Hero motivate and catalyses the body and heart to greater, more intense action. The truth is many or most have flashes of enlightenment, the peak experiences, the moments of supreme clarity of the meaning of life. It is the supreme satisfaction and gratitude experienced as a profound exhilaration on being in the moment and comprehending life’s worth. For some it could be the birth of a child, a near death experience, a wedding day. For other’s it can be just the pure beauty of nature, a deep moment of reflection in a busy day, where humility of existence is tasted deeply in the tasks and dharmic purposes that occupy our lives. We must find the true ways to potentiate and expand these moments until they become thunderous energies within us. We must become saints, Masters, adepts and go beyond the mundane limitations and return with elixir.

The path to the Adept requires the Guru. There is no higher Guru than Lord Shiva, no higher alchemical object than the pure Shiva lingam. The parad is the semen of the Lord Shiva, purified in endless distillations and stabilized. It is thus the true symbol of the Great Work, of the fluid made solid, of the volatile made fixed, of the toxic made medicinal, of and formed into the procreative and generative symbolism of the divine creative powers. There are endless volumes of the alchemical power of the true parad lingam, that which cleanses all sins, that which aids all true intentions, that which imparts siddhis. The butter lamp meditation within the reflection in the parad item is the highest and purest form of training. It begins to articulate the inner light, focusing the numinous qualities, storing and enhancing the prana. Parad is the witness to all rituals, to all devotions, to all alchemical works and healing rites. As the pools of mercury and the universal use in the temples indicates, it is used to contact the other worlds, it is the ultimate medium for sentient, disembodied intelligences to infuse. It is sentience in of itself, it is the cooled essence of the divine energy cooled and spinning in high states in a potent kinetic energy. This is the perfect size for the altar or laboratory, and must be kept in one placed and not moved. This is why we give a smaller one for the disciple to bring with them. This parad weighs 496 grams of purified parad, Prepared with 18 Sanskaars x10 during the duration of this 100 day fast and preceding it by the guru (18 stages of purification as per Parad Sanmhita) and removal of all toxins and empowered with lengthy puja this is the siddha parad for the highest yoga practice. In the evening just light lamp and dhoop (incense) in front of Lord and offer flowers.

Flower offerings – Always offer Hibiscus/ Dhatura. Never offer ketaki flower to god or coconut water.

Never offer kevada (screw-pine)flower and champa flowers as they are cursed by lord and Narad rishi.

Benefits of Parad Shiva Lingam

Puranas say that a person who worships single Parad Shivlingam gets benefits equal to worshipping 108 other types of Shivalingams

Parad Shivalingam bestows the worshipper with instant luck, wealth, good position, name and fame

The presence of Parad Shivalingam at home is in itself considered to be a meaningful life

Shiva lingam is the holy symbol of union of Lord Shiva and Shakti and is considered to be very auspicious for a blissful married life

At home it blesses with unity and harmony in the family and guides its worshipper towards the spiritual path

Worship of Parad Shivling everyday ensures that Goddess Laxmi resides at home always.
see below for more on parad lingam and our research partners www.tantriklaboratories.com

It is important to have the full tantrik arsenal of spiritual weapons at ones disposal. In this, the Kali Yuga, the demonic forces and obstacles are insurmountable to even the most adepts. The distractions, the assaults on health, on tradition, on the very essence of humanity has reached the hot war status. We see the veil of the mechanization of power lifted as the elite crimes become more evident even to the most cynical. We can see the ravages on the people, the environment, on the soul of the land and the world. We are all in on this spiritual combat, there is no other option. To lose is to lose all for future generations, to surrender every bit of the sacred and the true purpose of life to psychopaths who seek the short-cuts of technology and artificial realities and intelligences. They are doing their demonic workings, luring even those interested in the true path into artificial substances, chemicals, analogs of the botanical plants. Or in practices that seek to diminish that connection to the inner guru, the blue pearl and to the supreme Guru.

One can truly with sincere devotion and deep yearning make these connections and do this work in their present circumstances. The tools for these are the central shrine of the parad lingam, with the Ganga waters to purify the room. The next precious item is the Kala Ghoda Naal, the black horse shoe empowered with the supreme Beej Mantra to put outside one’s primary room or wall or place of practice. This was so powerful a practice it has continued even into modern times as goodluck. It is like a sigil to keep the wandering ghosts and malicious spirits from coming into the laboratory or meditation chamber. This is taken from the black horse’s right leg on the most auspicious time of the soma rites. This technique dates back to the most ancient horse cult of the Indo-Europeans. This is one time offering this specific item, as the authentic ones are too rare to share and we have it from the guru for the special offering in creating the ashram. One is for our keeping to protect out work the other to raise the necessary funds for transporting the traditional equipment for the laboratory.

We give the 5 Mukhi rudraksha with the large beads for protection, the 5 mukhi Rudraksha is Kaalagni Rudra. Five mukhi rudraksha is used for chakra cleansing, re-energizing and purification. One can see that Lord Shiva is with and adorned with these items at all times. These are his principle ritual tools, and we will other sacred herbs and item not shown.

We give the offerings of the turmeric mala, empowered and blessed by the Guru for victory over all obstacles, quarrels, in disputes and health issues that block progress and that instigate trouble for the disciple. Haldi Mala’s are the most powerful when used with the traditional mantra Om Hareng Baglamukhi Namaha. We also include three generous pieces of black turmeric. It is written, ” Kali haldi is also a wealth giver. It brings health, wealth and prosperity to anyone who puts this in their cash box. Kali Haldi may be wrapped in red cloth and worshipped daily. Kali haldi starts showing its effect to the owner in 11 days. Many people apply tilak of kali haldi in order to attract people towards them. A kali haldi tilak should always be applied if you are facing court matters. Ladies may use kali haldi as a face pack. Most commonly, kali haldi is used in bhairav sadhna (praying to Lord Shiva), Tantra Sadhna and black magic.It is also used for protecting one from the effects of black magic. Black turmeric brings positive energies and absorbs negative vibrations therefore it is used in various rituals. The kali haldi energized by mantras protects the bearer from negative energies.Using Kali Haldi as a talisman or good luck charm protects people from negative energy. If it is kept in the cash box or places of worship, it increases wealth. It represents the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi and brings a lot of wealth to the house in which it is kept.A house which has black turmeric will never lack wealth or prosperity. This rhizome is considered the re-incarnation of Goddess Kali. Apart from having medicinal properties, it finds a lot of use in the worship of Goddess Kali. Apart from Indians, South Asian Occult circles also believe that this plant has magical properties.”

We give a bag of the crucial tantrik item, The Siddha Red Chirmi beads are empowered and represent Goddess Mahalakshmi. They also remove weakness, chronic pain, handicapness, pain in bone. They are ruled by Saturn planet. Chirmi beads are found in the forests of Aravaili Mountains of India. They are ancient and it is said that the beads choose their owners bringing them luck and they will be owned by unlucky person. These naturally grown beads are found in forest of Aravali mountains, Rajasthan state, India and are believed to be many hundred years old. They bring luck and ward off evil and black magic, & protect the wearer from physical harm by taking the abuse upon themselves. It is said the bead itself will choose its owner and will not stay with an unlucky person. They are very small in size but are very powerful.The chirmi beads are used to ward off evil and removal of black magic effects, bring good luck and ward off physical harm. Chirmi beads are considered very lucky from ancient times. It is kept in lockers, money boxes or purses. They are essential in certain puja and Tantrik ceremony and are part of the power substance favored by Lord Shiva as seen on his many icons.

We give the rare bhasm of Lord Murugan from the Temple with which to purify ones body, the room, sprinkle into holy water. We give the special small portable ghee lamps for the true meditations on light. We give a small parad linga to carry with you in all times. We give you secret to mantra, the Guru’s special betel nuts and his own ancient pair of betel nut cutter or Sarota. It is the secret to activating magical spells and mantra to prepare betel nut and holding in the mouth in speaking the Vedic mantra into existence. Without this, it is much less effective and in many cases of special mantra, renders them useless or the opposite effect. We give these special items, so precious and so many in an outpouring of the Guru’s generosity and sympathy for those disciples striving in earnest for liberation for self and others. Those who have given freely have been blessed with the power items and write in the deepest gratitude of their rapid spiritual progress, healing, their attainment of the blue pearl and intentions clarified and manifested. We shall pour in so many other gifts with this item as our own fasts fills us with the all of the intensity of the joy of existence and the empathy of the vast suffering, sickness and the fragility of life. Life is so precious, the next breath is never promised. Let it be a mantra, a respiration and inspiration in invocation to the Gods. Let us face down the demonic armies, form groups of alchemical saints and slay the doubts and anxieties that inhibit our spiritual growth and evolution.

We have taken portions of each of the special offerings in put them in our donations treasure jar. It has reached a point to reinvest in the network of temples, ashrams and laboratories that produce the divine holy medicines. In the coming weeks we have a huge new supply of precious jewel pills, nectar pills, chulens, parad items, bhasmas and medicines that we will be giving as gifts, bundling for special offerings in a sustainable program that feeds the masters their respect and ability to expand the growth and protection of the holy mountain herbs and resources. This is the true spiritual battle, the time for endless diagnostics must end. We need solutions, we need skillful means, we need new adepts to arise and stabilize their energy to assist others. So many are lost, anxious, suicidal, depressed. Give your life into this Work, into the deep meditation. There is no fear when there is that confrontation with the abyss, with disease, with death as Guru, the plans that never unfold, the dreams that fade. All the things we attempt to grasp, identify ourselves with and through are false but the Way. We are here to encounter the Other, the Self expressed apart in the opposite, we are tasked with the sacred toils to piece these fragments back together. We are lost in the labyrinth, the wilderness, the outer darkness. Light the butter lamp, take up the beads, light the incense, infuse the sacred betel nuts into the mantra. Many more gifts not shown with this offering as the final days arrive. These are designated by karma to right the right person. There are more once in a life time special offerings coming to ritually sanctify our efforts in this world and the next. Our collective efforts, with the Guru as master, work as the herbs do in synergy with the Guru plant of King Soma. We shall include a talisman of this Guru Plant King Soma as well. We thank you for your support. Everything pictured is included plus much more and the monograph on the preliminary parad uses.

Shiva Lingams to be Worshiped at Home

According to ancient alchemical Tantrik texts, it is believed that apart from Parad Shiva Ling or Narmadeshwar Shiv Lingam no other form of Shiva Lingam should be worshiped at home.

Parad Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is considered formless. The Parad Shivalingam, also called the Rasalingam plays a very important role in Lord Shiva’s worship.

Tamil Siddhas consider mercury as Shivadhatu- Shiva’s metal. Mercury is said to represent the male (Shiva) form and Sulfur used for solidification process is considered as the female form (Shakti).

‘Ras Chintamani’ says that by the very touch of this mercury a person gets the benefit of Shiv Puja done in all the three lokas. Although mercury classifies under metals, it is in semi liquid form.Therefore, a Shivling made of mercury is also known as Ras Shivling.

Parad Shiva lingam is complete with 8 Sanskaars (8 stages of Purification according to Parad Sanmhita) and removal of Saptakanchuki (100% pure, medicated and hygienic); the Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi-Badhha / Agnibadha (heat resistant) Shiva lingam.

It is said that worshipping the Parad Shivlingam gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which frees the body from all diseases.

How to Worship Shiva Lingam at Home

Snake and Nandi need to be present with Shiva Lingam always. Copper/silver/gold NAAG and Nandai of aastha dhatu or marble stone need to be installed along with the Lingam. Snake should be placed on Lingam such that it faces either north or east

Yoni- part of Lingam from where water poured on Lingam is drained out – should face North or East.

All five means : lord shiva, maa parvati, ganesh, kartikeya and nandi called as panch mahadev. Since in your home you will like the blessings from them as a full family couple, you will get so.

Place three leaves of bel (bilave) facing away from you on top of the lingam.

Do not use packet or pasteurised harmonised milk as boiled milk is forbidden in puja. It is best to use fresh cow milk or curd.

Use cold water and milk to do Abhishekam.

After puja do not throw oblations any where except running river, lakes or sea. If it is not possible put it in flower pots of home or trees except tulsi and peepal

You can offer coconut, but not coconut water, especially on shiv-lingam.

Every thing offered on shiv lingam is called nirmalaya which is forbidden to be consumed or put in any where except in rivers,lakes and sea, until of curse this is offered to you by a priest. Since you are at home, put the nirmalya under a tulsi or peepul tree. The Shiva Mahiman stotra revolves around this fact,when gandharva called Mahiman lost everything by showing disrespect to shiv-nirmalaya!