Thai Magical True Love Calling Special Offering.

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By special request, a series of Thai magical occult items. This is the sigil yant clothes, with the sacred yantras to remove obstacles, and energize intention. This is the special Nam Man Prai Tantrik Love Potion for Calling True Love and the best Lersi incense to signal these intentions into the aether. The center piece of this offering is the special love authentic and empowered, Khun Paen amulet. Khun Paen was handsome and very attractive to women and a master magician.
Khun Paen is a master in mantra, yantra and ritual used for many purposes from spiritual mastery to warfare but he is famous for his love formulas to captivate women.” To this are added sacred clay amulets to balance the Dharma influence in such a potential hypersexual and powerful gift. But also included is a sacred Tantrik warrior clay talisman infused with the corpse magical power from the hero’s ashes, infused with the soma herbs. We will also include items that we hesitate to depict in this picture that must be kept private.

True love is the essence of the Tantrik path, the true alchemy, the relationships that build strong family, community and tribe. We encourage the sanctified relationships of sacred love, and we present this item to celebrate the forward movement of our establishing an ashram and series of kin domains to foster authentic deep living and meaningful, healthy relationships. We are seeking to create a lifestyle and holy forest temple capable of healing any who come to visit. But just as one must earn their humanity and ability to love and be loved, so must one gain that trust. Trust is consistent behavior observable over time. It is this trust that one must instill and dye their Self with fully. It is the ability to stick to tasks, to projects, to keep one’s word, to be resilient and persistent, tenacious in all goals and intentions. This creates the true golden chain of mastery that translates intentions into the manifested reality. It is speaking thoughts into the world and creating something from nothing, kindled from the spark of consciousness and imagination.

Thai magic, and we do not say this lightly, Thai magic and sorcery is one of the most powerful living and intact systems in the world. It is because it is, in a sense, the most vibrant surviving culture of the Buddhist tantrik magic, alchemy and Vedic occult. The Hermit’s there are beyond their lineage and search for occult knowledge. It is shocking to visit one truly and behold the depth of their research, with knowledge not found in their language or books, but found only in other far off land and adepts. Truly they participate in an invisible college of occult research. Some are imposters, selling the items to the legion of tourists, some are doing their best for the legitimate seekers that do not have the means to go deep and the temples attempt to preserve some of the most popular and respected items. But we always seek the remote village and deep mountain sources, and those devoted to Dharma, for some use the parts of corpses to cast spells etc. We only trust a few of these Hermits, and their wisdom and their empowered items work with precision when used with diligence.

This requires clarifications, it is not our habit to get into specifics with these matters for a number of reason, the most important of which is the importance of keeping one’s Work secret and silence. With perhaps the exceptions of a few spiritual friends, keep your deepest occult research in secrecy, cloaked in obscurity, with only subtle hints as spiritual psychic drivers for certain purposes. These are the essence of certain protective talismans, worn in certain ways they draw the eye of predators or those seeking conflict and discharge this psychic intention. It is the same with certain love charms or amulets for other purposes for luck, health etc. They are deep, encoded messages that penetrate our minds, that are constructed upon the matrix of archetypes, symbols, patterns. This is as simple as the psychic impact of the sheriff’s star, the mesmerism of much modern advertising in the logo(s) or branding, the sigils that give worthless paper the value of money, down to our signatures as legal bindings and fetters of our will and intent. In fact the law of the land will hold many as guilty for contemplating criminal actions in groups as conspiracy, or weigh actions based on intentions or mental states as mitagting factors. It is the same in the occult practices, as our integrity and self-trust is stabilized, so is our ability to work the intentions.

It is vital to discuss creating the conduits of these workings, for these are not of miracles but of reweaving the threads of fate and forcing destiny. True magical operations will often leave one physically and psychically drained, as if the harvest was part of the sacrificial gift. Many try to offset this with substitute offerings, from wealth and special items to more extreme related to sexual energies, or blood offerings in various sacrifices. There is always a cost though. If one remains in the Dharma and the Noble Heart, the cost is a karmic discharge and should be viewed as such. This is in keeping with the Right Action, which requires Right Thought and discernment. If one seeks to use these methods for nefarious means, they will have that cost to pay one way or another.

As we said, these are not for miracles, but for Love. But the work entails the astral operations that seek to clear the obstacles and create the conduits for this to arise. But it also entails the refinement of being able to love and be loved, to be worthy of love, to understand what it means in its most noble, exalted state of energy reciprocated, exchanged, and enhanced. Love is not selfish or selfless, but a balanced union, the chemical wedding, the alloy of two metals, purged of their toxic and dross. Love is not ownership, its not possessive, egoistic, conditional. Love is stability but fluid, secure but vulnerable, it allows for growth but protects. It allows for a person to ripen, to blossom, to become their best self. It can be tough, brutal and scathing as in the heavy pruning needed to bear blossoms and fruit. It can be as hot as the crucible, assaying the gold that will not drift away into ashes. It needs to be tested, tried, refined endlessly. In this purified state, it does not tarnish or rust, but becomes superconductive, pure in its radiance and essence.

One must prepare the inner world for such experiences, the Shiva and Shakti bliss of unified opposites. The sexual acts are the bodies attempt to reunite with the “Other” the “self” expressed another body as a idol for the God or Goddess. This type of sacred union and inner alchemy is the highest form of healing. The herbs generate the blissful, overwhelming secret fire. This is like feeding the forge, furnace or the puja fire with the fuel or sacred offerings. This energy arises as pure life energy, in the man it will be the obvious arising of the pure energy. But this must be drawn and circulated, again and again distilling this energy into more and more subtle forms. The addition of the consort or partner brings this to the hightest perfection, the peak energetic experiences that can be used for healing or the most intense manifestations of magical purposes.

To step outside of the intellectual or abstract side of this is to be primed with the skillful means and energy. To endow oneself with the precious items, and ripen the energy. Then to focus the deep yearning and the ‘call’ for this beloved to come and then to seed this energy into every aspect of life through the sigilization of intention. One must forsake the reclusion, the awkwardness and increase the conduits by which this manifestation can be realized. This means increasing the chances of encounters with the desired or, if more general, to the desired partner visualized. Revealing the object to be glanced or even subtly explained to the person or potential person in question plants deep seeds of intention that may germinate into the relationship one needs for the Work. One must mingle, mix and create the maximum chances for this to find you, just as if one was seeking to increase wealth they must not hide in their rooms, but create ventures and projects that will then explode in success. The ‘planting of seeds’ in breaking the patterns and routines that have bound one to needing these items is imperative. These are not items to simply purchase and hope for the best.

As with all items, if one is not drawn to an item, do not attempt to acquire it and be in inner conflict. If you doubt your own intentions, the legitimacy, the basis of such operations in occult practices, or you are in conflict and chaos, or intend to use for abusing people, then do not waste your time or donations.