Our special blend of South Indian Lotus flowers red, blue and white, purified and concentrated with the infused Navapashanam of the Siddha alchemist Boganathar. This is a special spiritual and esoteric blend of soma lotus flowers to help meditation, spiritual energetic imbalances, anxiety, fear, sadness, and heart blockages. We offer this free to any while we can while supplies last and we are able to source them. We feel its an important subtle strategy to infuse the consciousness with these Siddha spiritual medicines with no cost. There is a spiritual struggle, akin to a spiritual immune response to the destruction of the planet, the suffering of the people, our own illness, neurosis, self-tyranny, and our compartmentalized view of reality into a binary system. Buy and consume, think and sex, work and sleep. As we lose our own innate humanity to the grand simulation and mimicry of life that the post-modern experience has become, we can reconnect with the ancestral ethnobotanical and alchemical technology. We advise this for healing retreats, to create an auspicious current and spiritual momentum, to quiet that Whisperer, and transmute the anxiety, pain and sadness into bliss, creativity and joy. We must get out of our heads and groins, this intellect/genital crown/root chakra polarity bifurcates reality and one’s existence into disconnected fodder and food for the truly parasitic energies that feed on everything from the real work and labor of the people to their emotions and fears in the system of manufactured scarcity and trauma. Once we interrupt this dual circuit polarity by becoming trinary with healing heart consciousness, we can truly step outside of these paradigms of victim and perpetrator and co-create our own realities with our microcosmic inner divinity. Don’t try to take advantage of us: Limit 1 per customer of additional items only, or contact us directly for special needs.