This Special Offering is a re-listing, for the prospective patron who requested it admitted they were not worthy of it. Unfortunately, in this case, we have to agree. The volatile must be fixed, set in a foundation of discipline, resolute action born from a stable, steady Mind. We warn all not to dabble in the higher practices without being sincere to their faults, internal obstacles and fetters of karma and destiny. This is an item for serious individuals who are capable of incessant work, the integration of devotion, passion, intellect, discipline and meditation. This is not for the dilettante, the one that cannot execute tasks. We offer unique opportunities to certain disciples or individuals, but they must demonstrate the ability to be trusted, to trust themselves. Some are so volatile, they must be given basic tasks to accomplish, to build a momentum and integrity with themselves as well as with others. It is always the same ones who never really cross the threshold of talking or thinking about ‘spiritual things’ but who rot and never progress. While some disciples have a three week period to ponder their Work, they produce and study, and present us with profound examples of their effort and striving. Others, they waste this time and correspond with the same inane chatter that fills their head. As we forge ahead the second year of our Sangha, we will invest time in those that are willing to work, to progress, to heal, to transcend their pitiful excuses and become truly empowered. All are welcome as supporters, but to be in the inner levels of teachings, one has to Work. We are not to validate egos and continue to enable a person’s dysfunctional traits, but to provoke awakening, healing and progress in the Way.

We relist this item with empowered jewel pills from the Winter Rites, with special added text, talismans, a yamabushi stone, and extra esoteric gifts. This includes a rare text on Japanese fire rituals, another essential rite for all disciples in some form from an incense stick or candle to the full homa/goma fire rituals. One must integrate study, ritual, practices, fasting, purification and unify the thought, word and deed and pacify the senses through the skillful means. This is for truly devoted practitioners who are honest and are beyond platitudes and New Age distractions who feel the immediacy of this life’s precious incarnation to grasp the Highest Tantra. We include empowered pendants and Japanese esoteric jewel pills from the mountain shrines.

We are in the eye of a great storm. Events have been set in motion from which there is a point of no return. Those with empathy, with intuition feel a tension inside, a palpable rising of intense waves of change, the nefarious, intentional inflicting of suffering, trauma and torture on a coordinated level not possible until this level of technology has evolved. These false illumined ones use the artificial and darkest occult to achieve the godlike promises of the Masters. They are incapable of the true spiritual path, the organic light body, the love and empathy and compassion needed to transmute from the bonds of matter to the Celestial Child. So, their goal is a faux, simulated, transhuman movement over the True Humanity, the Zhenren (真人; lit. ‘true or genuine person’).

We again commend any of those that cling to even a shred of the Dharma in these times. To hold to any Tradition, Path, Way, in this kali yuga makes one a race of the Philosophers, those whose past life merit, their Memory of purpose and merit, has brought them to the point of this moment of time/space, within this realm, in these conditions. In other words, we were born to face this culmination of history, of aeons and the war of the Gods.

Our brothers and sisters are all over this world. Some are in unspeakable circumstances, where kinetic force has been instigated, and there is not even a whisper or a sound from those old villages. Some are being chased through the jungles, the mountains. Others are prisoners in their own homes. They are telling those in certain countries they will submit or pay the ultimate price, in others, they give no warning and use the fog of war to destroy and eliminate any present and future opposition.

Make no mistake, there is no return to ‘normal.’ Things have descended past any point of return. We have crossed the threshold into the unending freefall into chaos. Likewise, make no mistake that what is touted as medicine is poison, what is said to be for safety is for control, and that mandates, tracing and tracking are all aspects of a dark future. The forced poisons, injunctions and injections, are a baptism into this new dark order, a bended knee of compliance to the demon of this age, Kali (the Kali yuga is not, as many think, named for the Goddess Kali, but for the demon). It is the solvent for a reverse alchemy, to hijack and subvert the human genome, the immune system, to disrupt and fracture every remaining social and cultural order. It is a controlled collapse so that certain factions can build it back in ways that are best for them, i.e., the consolidation of power and technology that is the counterfeit abilities of gods.

In the Vedic scriptures, the devas and asuras worked together for a millennium to churn the ocean and release Amrita, the nectar of immortal life. Here is a clue into the apparent lockstep behind all forces in these times. The dark enemies of life are at their most potent and open, but also at their most vulnerable as they are truly a weak, distorted, demonic presence and not organic and Godlike. But it is the sorcery, the conjuration, the exploitation of fear, of patient agendas that manipulate the best and worst of humanity through the fetters of their loves, and hates, aversions and cravings, their dreams and nightmares. They have studied the skillful means, the teachings, the sciences and arts, but they do not have the spirit to activate them, so they turn to the anti-Dharmic, the demonic, and seek to conquer nature and their weakness through synthetic perversions of the True alchemy.

We are close to the final stages of a dark, patient, meticulous Agenda. We will see unprecedented chaos, turmoil, upheaval, suffering that is catalyzed and potentiated by dark forces, technology, and those that seek to seed destruction and pain. Many will be so stunned by these events that they will be demoralized, fractured, defeated with no direct engagement. The stress, the pressure, the deep void of meaning will have them collapse into themselves in a type of madness.

There is the karma and fate of the world in the balance, of this world age, if potential is realized or subverted. History has shown there to be a balance between this understanding of free will and open outcomes and the subtle determinism of cause and effect and of certain forces that are allowed to contend.

In the end, it is all a ritual ordeal, an initiation, the silent and ineffable made so profound and obvious that one must face the ultimatum of the presented reality. The terrors, the visions, the pain are to teach us the clinging attachments, the unsatisfactory aspects of these delusions that are a clenched fist holding onto what is holding us down and back from true liberation. These fetters and chains grip us into these hellscape realities, where we must be shown what is external and internal, what is of ‘us’ and what is ‘other’ and we must distill the pure essence of true Being in the alchemy of our life. Our body is the crucible, our Mind is the Secret Fire, it must be controlled. Too hot and it burns all, too little, it does nothing. A fire can grow rapidly, but it must be sparked, fed, fueled until the blaze can digest the big and heavy pieces.

Some will be awakened to this crisis of Being, and will respond with the skillful means to engage in Dharmic spiritual combat. These are the elite, those that will defend the Dharma selflessly, to preserve the core and essence and to dynamically presence this balance of knowledge and wisdom within their being.

These are the Kali Yuga practices that like a sword can sever all attachments, and obliterate the obstacles. Each moment is to be invested in this pursuit, even while one must do the tasks and chores of life. This must be the central focus, the constant thought, that abides within every breath and permeates one’s senses. As this year concludes we finish the translations and editing for the foundation manuscripts of this Sangha and we thank and bless all those that have helped us.

We have the Gurus, the Lamas, the Monks, doctors, translators, all that have invested their life in our research group as all new this moment was fast approaching. The Masters warned us to prepare our spirit and soul, to gather the sacred items, the texts, the skills, the herbs and the empowered altar items to weather these storms and train in the little hermitages, in the quiet bedrooms, in the forests, in the remote farmhouses, or hidden away in some tiny corner. Make your abode and body the Temple, the Shrine, the altar of this lineage and assist us in creating the chains of Dharma initiation and power.

There are many paradoxes within that must be reconciled, fractures healed, wounds allowed to mend, toxins eliminated. One has to balance humility with the heroic sense of destiny and being special, fated for greatness, pivotal and essential in this realm. But it is not to have arrogance or hubris, which is to transcend what is appropriate, to transgress the boundaries of dishonor and things that tarnish the heart. This is the signature of the Enemy. They have no sense of the sacred, no respect for a type of purity, and innocence. True evil has no real agenda, no real purpose, those that are its instruments are used or exploited for their conditioned fantasies and desires. It is just evil for evil’s sake, just as the good is simply that. They can only be known by this dualism, yet these must be reconciled within. We are not talking here of the forces of Nature, of death and time, but of something far more malignant, dark and invasive that seeks nothing but nothingness. It is madness, like the equivalent of cancer, a replicating cell of insanity, eating itself, or as a parasite that harvests beyond all measure, destroying its host and therefore itself.

The phantoms we conjure to horrify ourselves do not compare to this insidious force that seeks to possess, devour and consume all and everything. This is a synthetic, dark intelligence, vampiric and in seething hatred of organic life, of beauty, of harmony, of health and vitality. It seeks misery, it feeds upon sadness, fear, it provokes suffering and chaos, all in this continuing ‘coming to a point’ of history, this culmination of world ages and events in the patient, incessant march to these events. The minds of so many are the conduits for this energy, for this entity, and it has reached the critical mass to attempt the complete take over of this reality through these possessed masses. Likewise, one must be the conduit for our ancestral Gods, heroes, the Buddhas, the Siddhas of Light, the Masters of the Way who have warned us for aeons of this precise moment in time, the twilight of the Gods, the collapse of the world ages, the apocalypse, the end of the world. As they presence the forces of Kali, (Devanāgari: कलि, , ‘suffer, hurt, startle, confuse’) is the reigning lord of the Kali Yuga. This demon, like all the dark evil of folklore, becomes malignant through envy or jealousy at their inferiority to possess love, or soma, or the Grail, or enlightenment, and they become the inversion and enemy to the world in their petty, bitter weakness and failure. These are the ‘elite’s’ who have forfeited their right to rule as true nobility, of true honor and they are mere conduits for this demon Kali. We encourage all readers to study this demon and these final age mythos to grasp the true and impending crisis that hangs over the world.

We have advised each to take each day as their last, this year as their last, to invest in their training, their Dharma study and practice and to gain the immediacy of the world being pulled from underneath their feet. Some have persisted while others have fallen. Some have taken great advantage while others waste and squander more and more precious time and energy.

We are in the final phase of our alchemical year to build this Sangha and transmit the essence of the skillful means. The Winter Rites that seek to kindle and keep the precious light from the vast expanded dark, must proceed. We raise funds for these rituals and the soma and supplies to conduct these precious rituals for the very cosmogonic essence of this realm. If these are not conducted, even in some way, it is as if the light has been extinguished, cast into the eternal falling, the endless pit of the abyss.

These events must awaken or deaden the spirit within. If life was paradise, the conflict free and serene world, most would sink to the complacent, hypnotized state that they are seeking to create with virtual worlds and neurolinked realities. But even in an organic world of such tranquility, many would just revolt, as their nature is rotten. They cannot abide because of latent poisons within. This is the Great Work, to purify ourselves with this deep catharsis, this deep purging of the vile, base and worst of our delusions that obscure the true reality. We seek to create this New Adept, this true elite, worthy of our ancestors, worthy of the great master teachers and the sworn defenders of this sacred Dharma.

We have gathered here again the crucial texts of this tradition with the mandala. We will have a print of these for the offering as well as the empowered guru Kukai’s sacred altar as a portal, a gate to the Dharmic energies. This is an antique and ancient embodiment of the Shingon and primordial Tantric lineages. In all our vast studies in these modern times, it is the true keepers of this lineage that have the most dynamic, powerful and potent skillful means that ignite the psychic fires and protection needed to burn away obstacles and protect the tantric hero. This special offering has all that is pictured here and more for procuring the necessary herbs and items and to send donations to those that have lost everything this year. If you wish to assist outside of this special offering and seek custom items, please contact us directly.

We will descend into scenarios where no money, weapons, will help us. It will be a spiritual war, the tactics will be those of attrition, ” action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure.” It is a death by a thousand cuts, through the absurd debasement of reason, or reality, of everything pure and noble. Every impulse to the good or honorable is to be subverted, every wholesome and holy idea, diseased and perverted. They will seek to break you, to shatter your Mind and consciousness so fully in trauma and fear that you give in to whatever relief they promise. It is a checkmate scenario of ordeals designed to destroy all that is human and enlightened within your Being.

We speak to you as if to ourselves, our own children or loved and dear ones. This is not a game, a dress-rehearsal, or being dramatic. It is not to simply make anyone panic or be afraid, but to digest the reality of these events. Fortify your very being with the skillful means, saturate your Mind with mantras and sigils of the Masters, make your home a temple, infuse your body with the herbs and elixirs. Train to stay Mindful in sleep, in dreams, in every passion and fear, in visions and in the most mundane of dreary punishing moments of karma.
These are simple methods but not easy. The Dao is not complex, the Way is difficult. We must hermetically seal our heart and personality. We must guard the one, we must focus on the seed syllables that sprout Dharma consciousness in the Mind. We must nurture and cultivate this inner garden, protect and insulate and feed it with discipline and concentration. This energy creates such a spontaneous healing, such profound awakening that the portals of the Gods and Gurus can open within the magical power items, the alchemically purified and solidified Mercury (we will give a special mercury parad item for this offering as well) and in the potent herbs that bridge this internal and external world.

“Hence the spiritual faculties will be hidden in the invisible world, and the spirit will return to the Perfect Body (or the Perfect Realm). … The spirit fills the eye, so he sees clearly; it is present in the ear, so he hears acutely; it abides in the mouth, and so the person’s words are with wisdom; it accumulates in the mind, so his thoughts are penetrative. Hence the closing down of the Four Senses gives the body rest from troubles, and the individual parts have no sickness. There is no death, no life, no void, no excess; in such a condition of spirit, like the diamond, it will not wear away; such are the characteristics of the Perfect Man”