We have travelled the world, and our guild is scattered in the various regions from these excursions. Our agents travel from temples to monasteries, to jungle caves and hermit huts seeking the blessings, the skillful means, the herbal medicines, the alchemical techniques and elixirs, the empowered icons and holy items all in pursuit of piecing together the scattered Dharma that is spread across so many vast regions. War, famine, modernism have all devastated traditional society, which insulates and protects the spiritual masters. So much is fake and counterfeit, even if it exists at all. So many are forced to comply with insane dystopian governments, many have been obliterated, now barely surviving in refuge in other countries. True Masters are hiding, are nestled amongst small isolated communities. We seek these special adepts out and have formed our alchemical Sangha to train a new type of adept.

We have articulated this type of adept in countless writings. This is a lifetime pursuit of mastery, in which each phase of life has its Dharma or duty. There is the integration of the warrior or Dharma protector, with the healer and alchemist, these extremes of defense and war and healing and compassion are mediated by the supreme Wisdom, the enlightened gnosis, the philosopher (lover of Wisdom) that balances these forces within. Such a one is stable and has overcome the volatile, toxic aspects within. The zeal and passion can nourish or destroy us. These must be directed to the sublime purposes that are the meaning of our incarnation.

There are skillful means for gaining contact with the hermits, via dreams, via the piercing insights that flash in pure detailed visions that are the remedy, the solution, the answer that one is yearning for or is in dire need. We have witnessed such extraordinary actions to such an extent that we have given our lives in the service of such refined beings. They have cured us of terminal diseases, they have taken away lifelong afflictions of so many in the guild and their patients and disciples, the villagers who protect and hide them from the profane. These are the special sigils in the yant cloth that is empowered with their prayers and moistened with the sweet honey of their ascetic disciplines. The statue is empowered with the alchemical herbs, minerals and metals of this Gurus spiritual correspondences. These are like the astral signatures of their being. Just as shrines, as holy places are infused with such energies that people can commune with the saints, so are these authentic hermit lersi statues made in the oldest traditional way.

Many do not know that these masters all go to study with other lineages. Thus, there are even secret monastery to travel where masters can meet and piece together the lost and fragmented Dharma teachings. These are of the complete alchemical methods. Some are in Tibet, others in India, others in Japan or Korea, some in Malaysia, Thailand. The Thai magic has its share of frauds, it has been saturated with commercial and celebrity tattoos. It is good and bad, but it brings people into just the space of esoteric teachings where they are vulnerable. They acquire magical items, but they are not stable, so they curse themselves. Helping spirits, empowering oils, sigils when activated require focus, ritual devotion and attention. One creates a portal and vortex that is the conduit to higher entities, or more subtle ones. This connexion is like opening a gate. Once it is opened one must respect that relationship, or it turns toxic and can cause great disaster on a person. So many that dabble, or want occult items will invest in item only to neglect it and in doing so curse themselves deeply. If you feel you cannot maintain the simple offerings to such force, the connexion will close and one becomes estranged from Dharma beings. One becomes exiled from the teachings, the ability to concentrate, the ability to produce or practice with consistency and it all becomes a tailspin, a negative feedback loop.

From the karmic point of view, it is better to just do good deeds and not go beyond one’s station and either resolve to master themselves or accept that someone or something else is in control of their very being. There is no middle ground on this. One is either able to concentrate, to align thought, word and action towards their goals or they are out of control by default and definition. There can be no healing, no alchemy, no progress when one is ‘out of control’ as yoga itself is the ‘yoking’ of this powerful energy and potential that all humans have. But most will waste it, waste their time, their energy, their money, their attention, their lives on nothing of substance. Nothing of importance. They are mindless and programmed at best to simply get by as if it is all a virtual reality at best. The worst must spread their misery. All of the demons, the black magic workers of suffering and pain started out with purity and potential. But as they fail, as they realize their baseness and rotten sickness they will not do the true work to cleanse and purify, to overcome and set the trajectory of their being on the ordered course of the Gods and Buddhas. No, they become dark, twisted, bitter and sick. This pathology is a constant spewing of spells against themselves and others, a constant dripping misery and poisonous curses and complaints. Honestly, this is how the ‘woke’ mobs attack the Tradition. They tear it down with incessant victimhood, exploiting the human capacity for empathy and compassion. But they never transmute and heal. The only equality is the lowering of all to their level, never do they rise to the level above. Yes, misery loves company.

But a hermit, the true masters, they withdraw and stabilize. They work in secret, they never complain for any privation. They Work. They preserve the teachings, preserve the lore, preserve the herbs and methods. They are the foundation, the secret strength, the voice in the wilderness and the Wasteland that guides the fool who would-be hero through the dark forest of the Path. These hermit icons are as powerful as being in the presence of a true master if one quiets the mind and cultivates the connexion with pure devotion and attention. Mercury was found in pools in so many structures because it is a messenger of the spirit realm. It conducts prayers, intentions, (when alchemically purified), into the subtle realms. This is inserted into these statues and becomes like receiver to the Hermit Masters. Especially when taking the visionary herbs of the Dharmic traditions, with the special incenses and elixirs, one attunes the mind to the aura and energy field. Of course, some are so completely incapable of being present, calm and quiet that nothing, even surrounded by masters in a temple would assist them in the slightest. The adepts lament this even in the temples where some remote disciple is the prime student while those around them are lazy, degenerate and waste time. They say, those that are far are near, and those that are near are far. Because the right word is sufficient for the right student, but no amount of words, techniques, power items, elixirs, the soma and philosopher’s stone itself cannot save one that cannot make use of it through a calm mind and purified heart. This is the Great Work, to meet the teacher half way.

To be capable of yielding the magical weapons, to be mature and refined and responsible enough to be trusted with Siddhis. Because those that cannot muster the discipline, will constantly resort to the quick, artificial shortcuts. This is the elites using technology and artificial means to do the organic works. They replace the plants with chemicals from their labs, the sacred fires with flickering screens, the humans with computers and artificial intelligence. They replace the Dharma with dark abuse and trauma based ritual torture and worse. But the mundanes become their vehicle for misery. They are the coalition of misfits, of corrosive, toxic enablers of more and more misery and oppression. These are the outraged mobs in constant rage over the past, but their own lives are out of control. These are the ones who are given every advantage yet are so incapable of expressing any true humanity that they consume themselves in a suicidal madness of angst and constant despair.

Do not bother to get this or any items if you cannot stabilize the Mind. There can be no high and low. No extremes, no excuses. One must become the crucible for these energies and sublimate them within, forming a new consciousness. You are not initiated unless you are a New Person. You may take a thousand empowerments but if you are toxic or unstable, it is worse than to just sit at home. You are now exposed to teachings, to medicine and if you know better and refuse it, do not avail yourself of its power, then you are a demon, to yourself and others. One must create the Secret Fire within, a true burning peak of energetic experience that is not dissipated in sexual debauchery, nor in extreme behavior, the mood swings of bipolarity and maniacs. One has to take these intense forces and fuse them, the conflict of the world, the microcosmic forces of creation, of destruction, life and death, love and hate, sex and violence, all the misery, and suffering the betrayal and trauma, the beauty, the sublime and create such a potent expression within that all the knots in the subtle body break and are torn assunder. This is the true healing, the true enlightenment or conjunction of opposites, the alchemical solve et coagula of the integrated True Human Being.

This is real initiation, to begin, to initiate. This is the first step to the higher Dharma and Tantras. But one must become a human before one becomes Godlike. This special offering is to assist our brothers who are on the frontline of the occult wars, gathering these and facing biological attacks and dangers we cannot even write for fear of censorship or worse. We raise these funds to continue the operations for gather the medicines. We will include some Thai elixirs, the special incense, occult oils and other gifts. We thank you for your support. We will have some special items ready. This may be the true last days of any ‘normalcy’ in your life as things progress with unchecked, lockstep cohesion. We suggest all those with funds to invest in their spiritual and bodily health and to train the mind to Endure the complete full spectrum attacks as they weaponize reality itself to stop humanity’s spiritual awakening. Fear, scarcity, chaos and pain are their signature and modus operandi. They can do so much harm under the cover of safety, health, or feign ignorance, incompetence, etc. But this is the complete war of all against all. We must use this as a catalyst to true immediacy of practice and deep priorities. Never mind the trivial needs of life. Make your home, room, body, a temple and prepare for spiritual combat beyond your imagination.

Keep in mind they have the means to destroy bodily in nearly infinite ways. No, they want to break the spirit, demoralize, and corrupt. They want to make you so debased, vile and profane that you deserve what you get. Become so noble, pure and sanctified in your alchemical effort that to violate you, your free will and rights would be an affront to the universe itself. Be so heroic, so spiritual, so numinous a representative of the Gods and Buddhas that to trangress upon you is to insult the dignity of life itself. Presence every moment with beauty, with healing, with productive work for the Dharma. Be a source of strength, create healing meals, grow healthy food, check old neighbors, clean and do chores for people, be of service. But prepare for pain, train the body, be able to protect the weak, heal them, stand in the threshold and take the psychic and spiritual blows and insulate the pure ones from the sickness. Look at the expense, the energy on propaganda, on censorship, on lies and media they have to go to divide, infect and subvert the innate human potential and spirit.

The enemy is so audacious, so hubris and arrogant that their example and actions must incite one to the pure Dharma. It is so debased and degenerate, so calculated for mass trauma and suffering to force their agenda that it must truly shake one from the slumber of life and see what is their target. Then one can see what is needing the most defense, the most protection. They say politics is downstream from culture, but culture is downstream from the occult wars. These are the aeons of forces in the final struggle, in the collapse of the world age. We suggest you pick a side and find what it takes within you to transcend whatever obstacles, excuses and circumstances that keep you from the deep realization of humanities predicament. But it is just an expression of our own microcosmic internal world. We have the ultimatum to set our inner world in order with the enlightened Way or to sink into the artificial hell of their technology and medical facism that is used to attack our very genetics, the expression of blood memory from our ancestors. This is darkness and it is amassing around us. Gather your light and brace yourself.