We obtained this precious empowered Purbha and these long life pills from an elderly Lama and master who is preparing for Bardo realms and dispensing precious items. We have been blessed to obtain these special items for our project to create an alchemical Ashram for retreat and research into the medicinal and esoteric lineages that provide us the herbs and healing items. This is a blessed and empowered purbha wrapped in a precious kata. It is inlayed with turquoise and coral. This is a very old item and the box is beautiful all radiate a healing and protective power. These are with the Lama’s special long life pills that are the concentrated nectars and essences of his masters in Tibet, Nepal and India. These items were gathered at various rituals and empowered for long periods of times and dispensed to special disciples and guests ,or offered during empowerments. For those seeking spiritual and magical protection, this is the perfect item to use ritually to purify space and pains in the body and just having in the house or altar space is giving the empowerments of protection and guidance in this precious item. The kata cloth is actually the most powerful part of this dagger, it is the sanctifying link of the ceremony elevating it from a mere costly antique. With the relic nectar pills (not pictured) one gets empowerment through taste and touch and sight with these precious objects. We thank you for your support in our expansion and increased products that we hope are used to assuage as much suffering in the world as possible. We hope to accumulate as much merit and energy in our spiritual researches to provide an ever expanding and radiant healing lamp to the path of the healing bliss. We will use this fund to acquire specific research texts for our mission.