A truly medicinal incense blend prepared under the auspices of Adviser of Tibetan Medicine Incense, this is one for the deep core spiritual and wayward energies. The fumigations of these spiritual incenses truly connect the realms and boost mood and have vast psycho-spiritual benefits. We are overcome with the Dharma bliss of compassion and reach the ecstatic levels of devotion when these incenses are combined with meditation, fasting and jewel/nectar pills and chulen. These are the key practices to burn out the sadness, the despair, the darkness and the decomposing waste in the mind and body. The incense is a crucial invocation to the protectors who stand as spiritual sentinels in the healing retreats and sessions. In the blur of life and time, one can mark sacred space and time with the incenses and send the mantra into the aether. We are obtaining many more popular and special blend incenses as well as jewel pills and nectar pills. Thank you for supporting our mission, devotions and healing services.

It is used for burning for prayer offerings and for purification, both of which form a major ritual of Tibet spirituality. Package includes approximately 44 sticks, 10 1/2″ lon