Through the Empowerment of Taste, from our most cherished living Buddha Masters, the High Lamas, the esoteric alchemical lineages, we present a calm and health elixir from the land where the Dharma was born. The plants of the high mountains, harvested by adepts, hand processed with endless mantra and the Tantric rites, bestowed in the highest ceremonial rituals to clear obstacles, to generate the inner momentum of supreme merit. This is the fiery, martial energy turned to the service of Dharma. It is the catalyst to overcome fear, hesitancy, distraction and to gather the inner forces needed to overcome the demons of Mara.

We will be subjected to the most frightening visions in this world and as we cross the threshold to the abyss. You will be shocked, tortured, you will be burned, eaten, with indescribable horrors to break your will. Then it will be the most beautiful illusions, temptations of the flesh, the fantasies that gripped your attention in this world, the sexual and fleshly sensual delights that are just traps and snares to dissipate focus. The training for these ordeals is in this life. If you cannot withstand the barrage of propaganda and ‘news’ or media, what hope is there for the unfettered sorcery of the demons of illusion? if you cannot conquer nightmares and the living hell of this reality, you will not retain the diamond mind in the pressure of the bardo realm. If you cannot control your lusts and angers, your passions and cravings here and now there is no hope in between the two worlds of life and death.

Full awareness, full mindfulness, the balance of wisdom and action, the singularity of thought, word and action is the constant distillation of your human essence. It becomes so potent, it creates such an awakened state that is so profound that neither sleep nor death nor apathy or forgetfulness can dull or cause it to waiver. To partake of such empowering essences and to return to old behaviors, old thinking, toxic worldviews is pointless. To partake and starve the One within of nourishing elixir is a disgrace to this incarnation. Infuse and saturate with the precious herbs, the essences and alchemical elements of this sacred tincture and give the full upward striving to encounter its power, primed with your own discipline and focus. It is later than you think.