We believe and promote a healthy attitude towards sexuality and expressions of intimacy. It has always been a vital part of many medical and alchemical traditions from the Daoists to Tantrics and Siddhas. It is also used in much of the shamanic and magical traditions as well. The convergence of factors from stress, age, the psychology of desire and relationships all can make the erotic act lose something of its spark.So it is with the indigenous people of South America and their vast pharmacopeia of master herbalism and plant teachers. Herbal allies can be used to induce a true euphoria or energy, a raw sexuality that overwhelms the whispering mind that subverts joy, healthy lust of life, play and sensuality. Hardened hearts, jaded minds, exhausted spirits all can benefit from the tonic aphrodisiacs. Muira puama is one of our favorites for erectile isues, but also with folk uses of depression. It is also used for women with menstrual issues, pms, loss of appetite, join pain and other issues. It is adaptogenic in function balances the body which some feel boosts libido. Some studies suggest it shields the body from oxidative stress, and it combines well with other herbs such as ginkgo biloba for sexual dysfunction of women. We find it has a synergistic effect that creates an overall sens of wellness that allows one to relax and dissolves the tensions that block one from being in their body. This is why all of these traditions stress a ritual component to herbalism, sex and life itself as a ritual. Because we must presence the sacred in all acts from the dishes to work to the love of our partner. Getting into optimal health is the greatest aphrodisiac, and so is being in a good mood. We do not advocate taking herbs, sitting on a sofa and watching depressing media and entertainments that are trauma based and nihilistic. Garden, create, write, and project that beauty and love into the world and one will sow seeds of true intimacy and be worth of be loved and reciprocating love. The toxic behaviors that isolate oneself from the bliss of erotic, healthy and joyful life must be transmuted in the compromises and evolution of self. We wish you joyful, radiant health!